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Meet  Lyzza

About Lou Lou Avenue

Hey, hi!


California-born and currently bopping from Northern California to Southern California to plan for you! California girl to the core.


I got into planning weddings back in 2020/2021 when I was living in Sonoma, California. I would spend a lot of my time writing at this tiny French patisserie two blocks from my workplace. One day, I noticed the music venue next door to the winery was hosting beautiful parties. I was hooked. Ask me about it! It's a silly story.

I've got a background in art, interior design, and writing. I LOVE color and I love a design challenge. I'm tough, I'm quick on my feet and I get the job done.


When I'm not hanging with my clients, you can find me with family, snuggling with my little dachshund (Schatzi), at OR in the ocean,  writing in cafes or lounges, tending to my garden, or planning my next adventure.


I’m a mad ocean lover, flower girl, boss in the kitchen, total wanderer, dancing queen, tremendous mocktail maker, silly daughter, writer & student of wine & viticulture. Last but not least, I'm a student of the ocean, moon & sun!








My goal is to create experiences that tell your story. I love people and am passionate about serving them well. I am here to make the process of planning your wedding just as memorable as your wedding day itself. I'll build a strong relationship with you, do a lot of intentional listening, laugh (a lot) and earn your trust. As I get to know you, we’ll shape your celebration in a way that tells your story.

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Schatzi Shishito Lou 

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