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The 5 New Nuptial Trends to Embrace in 2021

Happy June From Team Lou Lou Avenue

Naturally, we’re always quick to think about trends that we know will be popping up all over the 2021 nuptials landscape. This time around, we think it’d probably behoove us to look MORE at trends for the whole year versus trends for each season. COVID brought a lot of bad with it, but one of the silver linings to its pursuit of undoing is the dissolution of templatized events, gatherings, social experiences, and general time spent together. When it comes to one of the biggest and most momentous occasions then, a wedding, there isn’t a formula that couples have to show allegiance to anymore.

You can go rogue and have it translate into the most resplendent, creative, and talk-worthy event ever.

But mark our words: 2021 wedding trends are topping them all.

You must be thinking, "what does a wedding look like without a blueprint for its success"? Well, for one, it’s incredibly personalized, tailored to your love, and moreover it’s an experience that a couple can look back on and say ‘well, yeah, we had to keep things small and embrace a socially-distanced soiree, but OMG, it precipitated one of the intimate, most inspiring wedding transformations ever.’

Start scrolling through our 2021 favorite wedding predictions. Chances are, you're going to like what you see.

An Out-of-the-Box Welcome

Just One of Lou Lou Avenue's Adored Trends

There's no better way to welcome your guests to a wedding day—or wedding weekend

—than by putting together your very own welcome bag, welcome box, or welcome basket. Especially fitting for destination celebrations where you know that many of the guests have traveled from far and wide, a small gift with a few hand-picked surprises is just the thing to make every attendee feel like a special part of the big day.

Not sure what to include as part of your welcome gift? The options are nearly endless—and so are the containers.

We recommend starting out by brainstorming favorite snacks, sweets, or sips, like bottled water with your own monogram or wedding logo on the label, a beloved chocolate bar or local treat, or even miniature bottles of bubbly to really get the celebration started.

From there, you can move on to travel-friendly additions for guests who many not be as familiar with the wedding destination, like personalized maps with all of your go-to spots clearly marked. Welcome booklets have become a great way for couples to share logistical details with their guests. They map out the events of the weekend (including welcome dinner, ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, after party and farewell brunch), share transportation information, list fun things to do in the area along with a personal message of thanks from the couple to welcome their guests to town.

Photo Credit: Lissa Ryan Photography

You may also consider adding a post-party recovery kit. Think Advil, eye masks, or do-not-disturb signs that match your wedding stationery for a fun and playful touch. Wrap everything up in a stylish (and preferably reusable!) vessel and drop in a note thanking your celebrants for coming. Handwritten cards aren't mandatory, but c'mon, we all know they're certainly appreciated.

Choose specially for destination weddings, highlighting locally-sourced snacks and keepsakes is a fabulous way to welcome guests to town. By giving them a little taste of the city they're visiting, they immediately feel at home and intrigued by the area around them. Who knows, thanks to you, maybe they'll even extend their stay beyond the wedding and take some time to explore! (Image: Lissa Ryan Photography)

Neon Signage

Glowing Symbol of Love

Couples are literally GLOWING on their wedding day! Neon wedding signs have been popping up all over the place in wedding decor. We’re loving all the moody, fun, “rock and roll” vibes these festive signs bring to the big day. There are really SO many different ways to incorporate neon into your wedding decor. From a rad ceremony backdrop to a statement piece at the reception, we ADORE these glowing symbols of love.

Did we mention another reason we love neon signs is that you can keep them and reuse them as fun decor in your home? So cute!! It’s a memento from the day that can remind you of the best party of your lives!

Our two favorite elements of the evening were our Bar Menu, which had a cocktail named after our dog, Carl (who was also our ring bearer) and then our “till death do us part” sign. We kept the sign and it’s going up in our living room! - Bride

Special Seats for The Guests of Honor

Get Creative With The VIP Seating

We love a good sweetheart table, truly we do, but intimate weddings as of late have brought the couple back into the company of their closest friends and fam - and we’re SO here for it. Whether you’re sitting down with your wedding party or pulling up a chair at a super-long banquet table that hosts ALL of your bests, you’ll want to stand out. We’ve got quite a few bride and groom and couple-of-the-day chair signs that bring totally charming personalization to your seating assignments.

A Few of Our Favorites:

Living Room Decor

Beautiful & Plush

"Creating a comfortable, safe environment from the start is absolutely essential, and the right design can do that. Choose comfortable chairs and lounge-seating furnishings for comfort and warmth. Guests will likely find themselves seated for longer, so choose pieces that are not only beautiful but plush."

- New Orleans-based planner Michelle Norwood

Cozy throws, plush pillows and couches, microfiber that translates magnificently to the outdoors. The outdoor lounge lives on in 2021, but the furnishings are no longer about the antique aesthetic as much as it's a cozy farmhouse rendition of a living room plucked straight from Magnolia to an airy field.

Setting up a is an important part of any reception. Intimate lounge stations often encourage attendees to get to know each other as they take a break from the merriment.

No matter your wedding's style or location, a lounge area is also a great way to customize your space. When designing your setup, nod to your big-day aesthetic with thematic decor and details. Take this lounge by Greenwood Events, for example. The pros spoke to this romantic, bohemian celebration with round gold coffee tables, velvet pink stools, and orange tulle curtains. White Dahlia and blush-and-tangerine marigold arrangements enhanced the feminine look of the space.

In addition to your theme, a lounge can also reference your wedding date. Complement your winter event with a holiday-inspired station that features green furniture and red-and-white accents. Or, celebrate your summer soiree on the beach by placing Adirondack chairs around a fire pit.

Brunch Weddings

Grab Your Mimosas & Bloody Marys

couples are taking advantage of daylight and sun-kissed experiences, including lush garden brunch parties and mouthwatering brunch boxes under airy tents. The best part for guests is having the option to continue the party through the day, or retiring home after an eventful celebration for a delightful, late afternoon nap.

As more couples seek unique spins on classic wedding traditions, hosting a morning wedding and brunch reception has become a rising trend. This wedding type is more affordable than its nighttime counterpart and perfect for those who want a laidback wedding day.

Because you’ll be swapping salmon for an omelet, a wedding cake for a donut tower, and wine for Bellinis, a brunch wedding helps you infuse your nuptials with a lighter vibe than is typically found at dramatic evening weddings.

A morning ceremony is kind of awesome, to be honest. Wake up, get ready, get married, and then spend the rest of the day celebrating with your new spouse and guests! Instead of filling up the day with prep, anticipation, and last-minute details, it’s all love, food, and fun!


Team Lou Lou Avenue

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