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LLA's Color Scheme Dream

Updated: May 18, 2021

Color impacts the atmosphere and sets the tone of an affair to remember, thus your wedding color scheme essentially dictates how you and your guests will experience the big day. Although daunting, one of the joys of planning a wedding is choosing a color palette that reflects your personal styles.

So if you're nervous about choosing your wedding colors? Don’t be: This LLA Pocket Guide outlines some basic steps you can take to choose a wedding color palette that matches your vision and expresses your personality as a couple.

Have fun with it!

Connor & Emma Hill


Photography: Jordan Jankun Photography Venue Name: Foxfire Mountain House Planning: The Spell Society Florals: Macari Floral Dress: Rue De Seine Groom Attire: The Black Tu

Reflect on Your Personal Style & Aesthetics

The wedding color palette you choose plays an important role in your big day, from indicating the mood of your wedding (formal, relaxed, upbeat, etc.) to reflecting your own personal style. Whether you already have your heart set on the perfect colors and are looking for some visual inspo to match, or you need a little help finding the right combination for your style, we are here to help.

When picking your wedding colors, though, it's important to feel empowered to choose shades you love, not what you think you should use based on season or style. If you're planning a summer wedding but adore the deep, warm shades of autumn, don't feel like you have to skip it to follow tradition. In fact, some of the most memorable weddings are those that challenge traditional rules in favor of

personalization—wedding colors included.

“When you and your fiancé are deciding your wedding style, be you, not someone else.You’re not creating a magazine spread, you’re creating a look to a wedding that makes every guest think “that’s so them!” What’s important to you? What do you love? What are your hobbies? What do the two of you enjoy doing together? Use that as inspiration!” – Emily of Emily Grace Design

Gather Inspiration

"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"

The famous Proverb by wise Oscare Wilde, eh? We've all hear the saying, "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery".

Close your eyes and picture your fantasy wedding. What do you see? Is it a candlelit ceremony in a mansion? Are you walking barefoot on a beach in the tropics? Or maybe it’s in your hometown’s botanical garden. While you’re picturing your perfect wedding, here are some key questions to consider: Big (everyone you know) or small (just close friends and family)? Outdoors or in? Home (one of your hometowns or your current city) or away (a destination wedding)? Modern, classic, romantic, vintage, rustic or all-out glam? Fancy, casual or somewhere in between? To help you get a better idea of what you want (and what you don’t want), spend some time gathering inspiration.

Once you decide on your wedding colors, the rest of the planning details will fall into place. Check out bridal magazines, books, blogs, Pinterest, Instagram and so many other sources. BUT don't limit yourself to browsing just the obvious sources. Something as unlikely as a wallpaper pattern or a pretty perfume package design can spark an idea. Fabrics, color chips, stationery and trinkets are all great starting points too.

Collect your ideas on an inspiration mood board—it's one of the best ways to keep everything organized. It will also help you identify common threads and visualize how various elements will look together. Team LLA swears on mood boards!

The Welcome Box

There's no better way to welcome your guests to a wedding day - or wedding weekend - than by putting together your very own Welcome Boxes. Especially fitting for destination celebrations where you know that many of the guests have traveled from far and wide, a small gift with a few hand-picked surprises is just the thing to make every attendee feel like a special part of the big day.

Not sure what to include as part of your welcome gift? The options are nearly endless—and so are the containers. Start out by brainstorming favorite snacks, sweets, or sips, like bottled water with your own monogram or wedding logo on the label, a beloved chocolate bar or local treat, or even a miniature bottles of bubbly to really get the festivities started.

From there, you can move on to travel-friendly additions for guests who many not be as familiar with your wedding destination, like personalized maps with all of your go-to spots clearly marked. Don't forget to include the ceremony and reception locations, as well any shuttle or information, too! You may also consider adding a post-party recovery kit. Think Advil, eye masks, or do-not-disturb signs that match your wedding stationery for a fun and playful touch. Wrap everything up in a stylish (and preferably reusable!) vessel and drop in a note thanking your celebrants for coming. Handwritten cards aren't mandatory, but they're certainly appreciated.

Cascading Bouquets

As the name suggests, there is nothing subtle about the new wedding bouquet trend: the cascading bouquet. If you're passionate about flowers and looking for something a little bit to make a statement then cascading, overflowing, or waterfall-style bridal bouquets may be the perfect style for you.

If you’re opting for the flowing floral arrangement, it’s best to go for the natural look, with more rustic-looking bouquets, full of foliage.The layers of greenery and wild flowers will make your cascading bouquet more natural looking. A greener, fuller cascading bouquet gives a bride that beautiful organic, rustic look.

One thing to remember, use flowers with different lengths as it will give your cascading bouquet that realistic, layered look that's full of texture. It's also important to consider what flowers flow the best. Cascading bouquets naturally look like they're full of movement so steer clear of stems and foliage that are stiff.

LLA Teams Obsessions

When Reflecting on Your Personal Style

& Incorporating it on Your Special Day

Incorporate The 5 Senses

When styling or planning a wedding or any event, we always take into consideration all five of the senses; each one has it’s own stimuli which can add to the overall impact, perception and success of the design. When you combine all five of the senses together it creates a more powerful sensory impact for you and your guests, allowing them to engage fully and completely take it all in.

Emphasis on Florals

Floral arrangements that literally overflow with big, beautiful blossoms are on point in 2021. While a huge bouquet can add up, we suggest asking your florist for recommendations on seasonal blooms and to add more greenery into the mix, which should keep your bouquet budget from growing.

A Menu That is Unique & Memorable

There are many details that guests will remember about your wedding day: great music, the happy couple beaming, and, of course, the food.

Yes, that means the menu should be on the top of your list of priorities. 1. Think about the guest list. Sure, your celebration should include the foods you and your fiancé love, but remember you’re also hosts. And, chances are, this might be the largest party you’ll ever be throwing. If you wish to cater to as many guests as possible, think about serving popular picks like filet of beef or a surf and turf option. 2. Envision your dream timeline. It’s important to think about the flow of your wedding and how long you’d like guests seated and eating dinner. The most common (and quickest) option is serving two courses seated, which could consist of something like a wild mushroom soup and the main course. If you're not sure of timing, this is a helpful rule of thumb: A two course meal, with a welcome and brief speech, will generally take about 1.5 hours.

3. Consider the cocktail hour. Believe it or not, this could impact your entire celebration. Is cocktail hour a precursor to dinner (small canapés) or as a hearty meal in itself (think passed hors d’oeuvres, sushi station, pasta bar, and a carving station). A long and heavy cocktail hour can mean fewer courses. 4. Be realistic about your budget. Now’s the time to weigh what’s really important to you and your fiancé. If fine dining is a must, then maybe you’d prefer to have a small wedding and an over-the-top dinner? Or if you’d rather invite more people, than perhaps you’ll cut back during cocktail hour or skip the pasta or soup course. 5. Pay attention to the season and setting. You may love butternut squash, but it might be unrealistic for the time of year you've selected to wed. Take advantage of the fresh, bountiful, in season (and local) flavors.

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