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Barbara Palvin Wore Vivienne Westwood to Marry Dylan Sprouse at Their Hungarian-Countryside Wedding

Model Barbara Sprouse, née Palvin, and actor Dylan Sprouse are married!

Okay, let's be real - to say this wedding was tremendously beautiful would be an understatement. Originally the couple had decided on an intimate wedding affair, but as we all know, when we're going through our RSVP Invite list, we have our "oh!" moments and the guest count slowly rises.

The two plan to celebrate with a larger wedding in California in the fall. It's quite imaginable that it'll be stunning and I cannot wait to see who's wearing "what" and "who".

"[This past weekend] was supposed to be an intimate events," Barbara says. "But we ended up having 115 guests because there are a lot of people we care about and we wanted them all to be there." - Barbara & Dylan

The couple tied the knot this past Saturday, July 15, in her home country of Hungary on her parents’ property, Harlekin Birtok, which doubles as an event venue. Talk about dreamy!

Barbara and Dylan first met around six years ago, when she cut him in line while entering an event. When Dylan chastised her for the bad behavior, she responded with: “What are you—a hot-dog vendor?”

A jokey, flirty back-and-forth followed, and while phone numbers were not exchanged, Dylan’s curiosity was piqued to say the least.

Sprouse slid into the DMs after the event. Barbara proceeded to ghost him for the next six months. Eventually she succumbed to his charms and replied—and three months later she flew to China to see the actor, who was on set at the time, and go on their first date. By 2019, they were living, "two worms officially in the Big Apple".

I don't know about you guys, but this makes the hair on my arms stand up!

The Engagement

Last September while on a camping trip with friends in California, Dylan took Barbara a very special place, to show her something really special to her, and to make one of the biggest and most beautiful decisions in life. Dylan proposed during a beautiful moment when they spotted two two sea otters, intertwined with one another. Dylan made this their last stop knowing that Barbara's most adored animal in the wild was the otter. This was THE PLACE.

“It was very romantic,” she says. “I was suspicious and thought he might pop the question because he packed a shirt that was too nice for camping.” - Barbara

Given Barbara’s parents’ property often serves as a wedding venue, she and her sister, Anita Palvin, have experience with planning. Surprise surprise! So the moment Barbara was engaged, Anita quickly lept into action.

“We didn’t have a planner, so Barbara and her sister planned most of it,” Dylan explains. “They told me my only job was to show up and say the right name.” - Dylan

The church where Sprouse and Palvin said their vows is the same one where her parents got married 34 years ago. How romantic and classic is that?

“All the people we love and care for were there, we all cried a little.” - Barbara

The following civil ceremony and reception were held at the event venue her parents own, Harlekin Birtok, a sprawling estate in the Hungarian countryside town of Ceglédbercel.

The Dress(es)

The Bride donned not one, not two, but three dresses for her wedding — ending the night in a scarlet-red dress that she says is a nod to her Hungarian heritage.

She planned all her looks with shoe pairings by Jimmy Choo in mind. Through their made-to-order service, they were designed to match the colors of her specific dresses and all personalized with “D Heart B” on one sole and the wedding date on the other.

Dress I: Vivienne Westwood (FTW) served as her starting point, and boy did she serve. Barbara eventually settled on a custom strapless design from the British fashion house. For wedding-day jewelry, it was always Tiffany & Co., with the jeweler creating a ’90s-inspired choker for the bride that perfectly complemented the dress.

Dress II: For Barbara’s second dress, she wanted to wear a look that felt young and fun and that she could dance the night away in. To that end, she chose a short style with a crisscross back by Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini.

“It was the best choice,” Barbara says. “The dress made me feel like a modern princess.”

Dress III: “There is also a Hungarian tradition where you have to wear a red dress after midnight—it’s called menyecske ruha,” the bride explains. “There was no question—I had to wear a Hungarian designer for this one, so I chose Mero. They created the dress of my dreams. It was sexy and sweet but also comfortable—exactly what I wanted.”

Cheers to the newlyweds, Dylan & Barbara Sprouse!

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